My Favorite Person to Photograph

I have been away from my camera all week. It was a sad, sad thing to be without. Luckily, my sister got home from college the same day I came home, so I was in luck. Vogue luck.

She had been baking & decorating sugar cookies all day today (while I documented, blog post to come) and I had been sifting through mounds of inspiration from my Vogues (more blog material). It was getting close to golden hour, so I literally forced her to go change for an impromptu photo shoot in our front yard. Because, unfortunately I’m NEVER home during golden hour so I grabbed the light while I could, and hugged it pretty tight.

Our last shoot was over a year ago, which you can see in this post. For now, here are a few of the shots we were able to create in about 15 minutes. As you can tell, we love stripes, shooting back-lit and being unashamedly vogue.


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One thought on “My Favorite Person to Photograph

  1. These are gorgeous, Megan! You and I are way too similar – forcing our sisters outside at golden hour! haha. I remember those photos of her from last year, as well, and how beautiful I thought they were! But your photography is obviously evolving and forever growing, I love it. Keep creating beauty.

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