Mariah {Senior} : Cows, Trees & ATV’s

If there was ever a night for a perfectly-buttery-golden-hour shoot, it was definitely this one. I mean look at that butter coming through the trees! Thank you Mariah for introducing me to this perfect location!

After this day with Mariah, I can now answer yes to the following questions: Have you ever shot someone’s picture while they were in a tree? Have you ever ridden an ATV to your shooting location? Have you ever been met by 4 cows while maneuvering safely around an old barn?

Needless to say, we had a great time and were never lacking excitement, or insanely vogue shots, thanks to Mariah. Now if we could only have those warm days back…


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2 thoughts on “Mariah {Senior} : Cows, Trees & ATV’s

  1. Love them Maggie! You are so talented and I thoroughly enjoy looking at all your work and see you continue to become better and better so quickly 🙂

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