Falling for Fashion Forward

For a while now, I’ve spent time perusing many different types of photography blogs, Facebook pages and websites. Wedding photography, senior portraits, engagement sessions and yes, even the occasional baby session because let’s face it, they can’t even help the fact that they’re adorable.

But I have a confession, and it may or may not surprise you.

Out of all the work I’ve seen and spend time looking at, my utmost-favorite-time-consuming genre of photography to gaze upon is without a doubt fashion/editorial shoots.

They amaze me and often times distract my life for a second or two before pulling my eyes off the page. I like examining exactly what intrigues me about the image and sometimes I can’t really explain it, but I suppose I’m in love with any photos resembling a vogue spread.

So here are a few of my favorite fashion/editorial photographers, some recently discovered and some I’ve been gazing at for months. {Just click on their names to visit their website.} I have to add…I’m very inspired by these photographers because they are my age and doing such amazing work. Great motivation.

Kait Robinson

(C) Kait Robinson Photography

Jackie Puwalski

(C) Jackie Puwalski Photography

Lara Jade

(C) Lara Jade Photography

P.S… I have an interview with one of them and I cannot even wait to publish it.  I’ll soon have an interview with another one of them, and that will be equally exciting.  And I’m dying to interview the third one, but we’ll just have to hope for that one.


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One thought on “Falling for Fashion Forward

  1. What I love about this post is that you found fellow photographers that are our age that inspire you! Love that!!! Congrats on the interviews with them… just keep asking on that 3rd 🙂 I know it will work out soon…

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